We provide a secure, consistent, reliable and scalable virtual workforce that follow rule-based business processes and interact with operational system the same way a human user would do. It complements the traditional IT solutions and front office productivity tools, and provides a higher level of automation, significantly lower level of investment and a greater speed to deployment.

  1. Automating Shipment Process with RPA
  2. Automating Inventory Management with RPA
  3. Automating Order to Cash with RPA
  4. Automating Procure to Pay with RPA

Roadmap for the IBP Implementation:

  1. Overall assessment of SAP IBP implementation in Companies’ Digital Transformation strategy.
  2. Organizational Readiness check.
  3. Supply chain process maturity assessment.
  4. Knowledge and Skillset assessment.
  5. SAP IBP road map Preparation considering the aforementioned factors.

Training Workshops for IBP:

The training will be conducted based on SAP Best Practices/Model Company/RDS in the applicable areas chosen from the following:

  1. Supply Chain Control Tower.
  2. IBP for Sales and Operations.
  3. IBP for Demand.
  4. IBP for Inventory.
  5. IBP for Response and Supply.
  6. IBP for Demand Driven Replenishment.

POC for IBP::

A POC gives a clear understanding of the new Supply chain planning system from SAP. Furthermore, it helps you to define your future SCM solution roadmap. A POC allows to reducing the time required for solution design phase POC is built on the Key SCM business cases for your company and with Your company data.

In this way, you can discover and understand the possibilities offered by the tool and determine your path forward with minimum implementation effort.

SAP IBP Modelling and Implementation:

Agile implementation of SAP IBP::

Our team combines many years of experience in Supply Chain Management projects and has extensive knowledge in Cloud Integration, Cloud Identity, S/4HANA, SAP ECC and SAP SCM. We want to share this expertise with you, to help you both set up IBP and get the most out of it moving forward.