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SAP Business Technology Platform(BTP)

SAP BTP is an integration of four technology portfolios:
1. Database and data management
2. Analytics
3. Application development and integration


First, you need to enable change history for the planning area that contains the key figures for which you want to track changes.

What’s New in IBP 2202-New Release

As you know, SAP introduced new Integrated Business Planning release i.e. Release 2202. In this blog you go through from some basic key changes in Release 2202.

Manage Version In SAP IBP

Often for planning data in IBP the planners need to delete the values of key figure to plan for different requirements. For this purpose, SAP Integrated Business Planning provides an easy method to the process..

Websocket RFC

Data integration between SAP cloud integration for data services and SAP integrated business plan (SAP IBP) for supply chain can occur through JDBC or WebSocket RFCs.

Supply Chain Management software with features

In this blog, I would like to present the supply chain management software’s to drive business processes and their improvements.


In this article we will discuss what are variants Variants allow you to save your selection parameters in the input screen. Variants can be stored for ANY SAP REPORT as long as the...

Debugging In SAP ABAP

Debugging is the process of analyzing the flow of the program to detect and mitigate defects or bugs. Unlike other programming languages, debugging in SAP involves analyzing different objects.

Configuration of currency conversion in SAP IBP

SAP IBP can convert currency on the fly, for example, when a user of Microsoft excel add-in or analytics selects target currency at runtime for a key figure, such as sales forecast revenue.

Transport Request in SAP

We need to examine every detail of transport request while moving from one landscape to other.
There are few steps which will help...

Order-based Planning(OBP)

Order-Based Planning (OBP) helps you create a supply plan using operational data and react to short-term changes. This is a short term plan from the operational...

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain optimization is the process of refining your supply chain to operate at its best. This means finding ways to better align your operations, inventory,..

Why to consider SAP IBP over APO

In this article, we are going to see the introduction and the need to choose SAP IBP over SAP APO.Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO). (APO) module is one of the key components...


Inventory Optimization is the process of maintaining the right amount of inventory required to meet demand, keep logistic cost low

Forecast Accuracy in IBP

It is the degree of closeness of the statement of quantity to that quantity’s actual (true) value. The actual value usually cannot be..

User Profiles, Roles and Auth

The SAP roles and authorizations are managed by the security team or BASIS team. It is a combined effort of the function of consultant and security team.This helps to provide authority

History Cleansing in SAP IBP

In this article, we will discuss history cleansing in SAP IBP. History cleansing plays an important role in demand planning.

Source List in SAP MM

In this article, we will discuss the source list in SAP MM. Source list plays an important role in defining sources of supply for a particular period of time.

Outlier Correction in SAP IBP

In the previous article on history cleansing in SAP IBP Demand Planning, we have seen how we do use Substitute Missing Value Algorithm in detail.Well, there are two other algorithms that are also used often,